The Season of Lent Prevailed Over A Pandemic

I must admit that the 2020 Lenten Season (February-March 2020) was my favorite and scariest time. As the Church arranged purple and ash color schemes in our congregations, an unknown virus was mounting to plague the year's spiritual practice of Lent. Originating from the wet markets of China, COVID-19 was destined to ruin many lives around the globe, which houses 7.8 billion residents. It seemed that the timing of this evil plague was right around the spiritual preparation before Easter. Coincidence or clash? Many who had suffered loss through the virus would spite the question. But I must consider the paschal mystery associated with this horrible plague.    COVID-19 was discomforting for me and paused my life considerably. I barely participate in face-to-face congregational events, talks, teachings, and simple social interactions with people. Heck, I just got comfortable with significant social events. Nevertheless, the Passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus helped me to r


They say home is where the heart is, but what happens when your heart expands to encompass distant horizons? After returning from a 5,000-mile expedition in Mid-America, I discovered a journey that blurs the lines between adventure and routine, wanderlust and comfort. View the story here See the highs and lows of long-term travel and uncover the true meaning of coming home. Buckle up; the adventure's just begun! Bonus Video

Caviezel states, "Boys and Men Follow Courage"

Usually, I don't blog about anything that directly connects to Hollywood.  But recently found an interview between Jim Caviezel and a Christian network conducted in 2014. Jim was promoting " When the Game Stands Tall ."  I found a message relevant to a trend in today's social meaning of masculinity.  Caviezel touched on recently growing rhetoric that debunks topics about masculinity. " Boys do grow into MEN and their role in society." It is worth the effort for this Blogger to determine if this movie is on Netflix or any other streaming company. I am now intrigued. More importantly, I viewed this interview again with courage.  Consider clicking on this interview and let me know what you think:  Interview  

New Year 2024

As we gather at the onset of a new year, I'm filled with deep love and appreciation for every one of you. Last year has had its share of adventures, ministry work, and recess. And through it all, I see the Lord's hand in what I do, especially when people close to me show unwavering support. Whether we prayed together, worked on endeavors for the Church, or enjoyed the great outdoors, each memory is a treasure I hold close. This year (2024), I promise to continue to be a man of faith, create opportunities for others to experience outdoor life, and engage in "God Talk" with anyone. A new endeavor for Catholic Camper is ready to be launched with much eagerness and prayer. You can hear more by clicking on:  Live Podcast Feeling Thankful Happy New Year, viewer, reader, listener, friends, and family. May the coming year be filled with joy, blessings, and memories we'll hold dear for years.

Reset in a Treehouse

Vehicle-dependant camping or "Exploration" is tough sometimes. Especially for spouses who may support you but not so much the adventure.  But there lies an opportunity. Reset, with bathroom, hot water, and clean bed sheets. This may sound insignificant but is vital to keep people traveling with you happy and engaged.  Do you want to hear more? Click on my Podcast below. Podcast  

What Is Church Membership?

As a young adult, I never thought about becoming a church member. After high school, I  thought the church was unmindful, and honestly, romping outside my parent's house was a priority. Attending church was sparse. I showed up late and sometimes left earlier than precepts allowed.  But later in life, I found that full membership in the church is both spiritual and physical.   Being baptized and confirmed in the Church brought me closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ and others.  The actions of baptism and confirmation are physical aspects of church membership that later allow the probability of a spiritual experience.  Both changed my life. I believe that there are a lot of benefits to church membership. Below are my top 7:   Unity. I like belonging to a larger community where I can contribute to keeping the Gospel Message alive. Appreciation.  Christ sacrificed, and serving others in His name is the least I can do. Prayer. At times, I need to talk to God. The church has milli

Can Human Euthanasia Be Justified?

“Put him out of his misery” was a phrase used long ago to end someone’s terminal illness and suffering. The debate about suffering and life has always been viral news, but can human euthanasia be justified?   Today, people are living longer with medical breakthroughs and holistic treatments.  As a result, life expectancy is longer for most people than in years past. But there is still suffering and pain.  Advocates of euthanasia are driven mainly by negative feelings toward tragedies of the human condition, such as chronic pain, terminal illness, and age complications. Human suffering is something most people steer away from because it's just too physically and mentally painful. These feelings sometimes dictate a confident "attitude," derived from a moral philosophical theory called boo-hurrah theory. Consider one man's struggle with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS. Petta is 78 years old and is in the advanced stages of the disease. Quickly digressing in healt