Disgruntled Graduate?

I remember the day I let go of my son's hand so that he could walk for the first time. He was eleven months.  It was nerve-racking to think he might fall, slip or bust a lip.  But instead, I let go so that he may cross the copious bedroom floor. And still, I peaked, stood suppressed around the corner to make sure that he did not fall. My son has graduated from various universities with credentials in intelligence, security, cyber studies, and analytics.  He is older now with larger hands.  And with the same practices I used when he was younger, I still use today.  Parents, avoid a disgruntled college graduate by letting go of fears before your young adult walks across the collegiate stage.  Walking independently is to learning as decision making is to confidence. Both are growth factors that build a social code between child and parent.  It's based on mutual respect.  Throughout the sprouting moments of my son's relationship with me, I always encouraged him to go forward


As another late night at the office was in the making, I heard a weather alert on the television.  Thinking very little about Watches and Warnings, I grabbed my keys and walked out the door.  I turned and said to my family, "See you later tonight!"  Unconscience to nature's unyielding presence, I proceeded out of my home and heard something ominous.  As I unlocked my truck and opened the door, I stopped mid-way.  Frozen by sounds of crashing cars, roaring rubber on asphalt, and screams in my neighborhood I tilted my head up for no reason.  I saw a whirlwind of debris above my home.   It became silent. Then abruptly; rumbles, whirls, and howling hurt my ears. I ran back into the house screaming to my family to come downstairs into the small laundry room.  It was too late, the destruction had started.  While running to the safe place, I saw backyard possessions lifting as if a planetary vacuum was cleaning house.  Fences were ripped from their posts and barbeque pits had no

Recap 2021: The Rest of the Story

Today's blog is a follow-up to a vlog that I released on New Years' Eve 2021.  The video  recaps personal life points that spoke about unhealthy behaviors during the height of Covid-19.  It depicts how I pivoted towards improving my life and deepening my faith .  I want to elaborate a bit more on these subjects after poignant questions were asked by a reader. Some people seem to appease my creative hobby, " Catholic Camper " and others view it with purpose.  With this particular piece, Recap: 2021   the responses after its launch were like bolts of illuminating lighting during a stormy dark night; exciting!   One question by a particular viewer caught my attention, "So what is the rest of the story?  His question contends me to explain myself further.  And s o, I will answer here, in written form.  Specifically, the reader asks,  "What changes did you notice in yourself when you committed to prayer, a communication partner, and quiet time?"  First, pray

Common Exploration

I often think that I'm the only person that feels the need to get away.  People are not so different than me. Many seek something greater than we, and while exploring is a way to unwind, this gift is overshadowed by the grind.  This explorer found ground one day and someone who reminded me of why I venture away.  At times I want a break because stepping back from the grind allows me the freedom to explore. Recently, I discovered there are people in the world that are exploring the same path as myself. While camping in the East woods of Texas, a young man, Pablo, from San Antonio road onto a nearby campsite where I pitched a tent.  His means of exploration was simple; an orange breasted Royal Enfield motorcycle. He setup basecamp with nothing more than a ground tent from London, a blue chair, and smokes.  Pablo's journey lead him to this moment. Indeed, we had the same idea; to get off the grind, onto the open road, and journey into the unknown. As the morning dew rose over the

Camping Solo

I've always wanted to go solo camping but never mustered the grit to go.  Being alone bothered me. Recently, I had an experience that thrusted me into an opportunity and I discovered that being by myself does not mean that I am alone. I was excited that the Outdoor Expo was going to be held this year. The Texas Avid Outdoor Expo is traditionally held in the Hills of Llano County.  Camping the landscape is alluring and peaceful.  Among the Expo attendees were liked minded adventurers who built and showcased vehicles that are self reliant for camping and exploring the world.  This was my GAME!   But a week prior to the event my wife opted out and days later, my son did as well. Not for any important reason, but just to stay home.  I started to second-guess whether to go or to stay with them. Worse, I started making excuses NOT to go such as,  "I have too much work at the office", "the weather was gonna be rainy and stormy", heck, I even said, "I'm gonna b

The next adventure!

  An overview of our adventure to Canada and back home. Join us, on Catholic Camper.

From Disciple to Lay Apostle

Is it impossible for Christians to be Lay Apostles?  Growing from being disciples of Christ toward being a Lay Apostle might seem lofty, but in fact, its a calling for all Christians. The Church teaches a lot on the subject using scripture and the Catechism of the Church, but my favorite is the Second Vatican Council's document Lumen Gentium .  But what about a simple visual? How would this teaching look in today's world?  Check out this short animated video which describes what it might look like:  This is Discipleship In the comments below, write how you feel when viewing the video.  Is this calling hard or easy? Be brief.