Fort Stanton

With eager anticipation, I embarked on a journey to another historic gem in the southwest United States. The drive along the Bonito River on the Billy The Kid Trail is remote; my heart raced as I turned left onto the sprawling military post. Boondocked south of the Captian Mountains, Fort Stanton in New Mexico, a testament to history, stands today with 88 buildings that date back to 1855. As I dismount from my trusty steel horse, I'm captivated by the intricate details of the architecture, location, and each building a masterpiece in its own right.  It seemed intentional that this Fort was isolated, with no actual settlements for miles around. After researching the location more, I discovered that in 1899, the US Public Health Service used it for Tuberculosis patients that housed hundreds of Merchant Marines. Many died at the Fort.  Yes, this is the most impressive historical setting of any site in the southwest United States. The Fort is a unique blend of officers' quarters an

Live Podcast: "Peaky Pets"

Hello, friends, family, viewers, listeners, and readers!  Peaky Pets While Camping is the topic: taking your pet camping and what to do if they don't feel well  under the stars. Let's face it—our pets are family, and who wouldn't want them to experience the joy of camping? But before you pack their leash and kibble, consider what I've done before adventuring out. Full Podcast Here:  Peaky Pets Podcast

Renewed By The Desert

The sun beat down on the dusty hood of my steal horse I ride, kicking up a shimmering haze on the endless ribbon of asphalt. Beside me, my dog, Rusty, a smooth Jack Russlle mutt with ears perked at every sun-shine shadow. Together, we watched the alien landscape unfold.  Our destination was off-road into the Chihuahuan Desert. Our arrival was final, but only after rugged terrain. I opened the door eagerly as if invited by the Creator himself, only to be met with silence as company. However, the silence outside was a symphony to the soul—the whisper of wind across rocky ground and mountains, the distant cry of a lone hawk. Beautiful, yes, but in a stark, unforgiving way. The land stretched out in a tapestry of ochre and terracotta, dotted with gnarled cacti like silent sentinels. Mountains, the color of sunbaked clay, rose on the horizon, their peaks lost in the hazy distance. It was a landscape stripped bare, its beauty raw and exposed. Yet, amidst the barrenness, a strange sense of ho

Live Podcast: "Believing In"

Welcome, join my conversation about ”Believing In” the Nicene Creed versus ”Believing That.” It’s a thought-provoking topic with various Christian perspectives and layers to consider.  Listen at  Podcast    Or read:   Article


They say home is where the heart is, but what happens when your heart expands to encompass distant horizons? After returning from a 5,000-mile expedition in Mid-America, I discovered a journey that blurs the lines between adventure and routine, wanderlust and comfort. View the story here See the highs and lows of long-term travel and uncover the true meaning of coming home. Buckle up; the adventure's just begun! Bonus Video

Caviezel states, "Boys and Men Follow Courage"

Usually, I don't blog about anything that directly connects to Hollywood.  But recently found an interview between Jim Caviezel and a Christian network conducted in 2014. Jim was promoting " When the Game Stands Tall ."  I found a message relevant to a trend in today's social meaning of masculinity.  Caviezel touched on recently growing rhetoric that debunks topics about masculinity. " Boys do grow into MEN and their role in society." It is worth the effort for this Blogger to determine if this movie is on Netflix or any other streaming company. I am now intrigued. More importantly, I viewed this interview again with courage.  Consider clicking on this interview and let me know what you think:  Interview  

Define, "Believing."

Recently, while professing the Nicene Creed at Mass, I reflected on how years of reciting Saint Peter's sermon (Acts 2) have changed my attitude about life.  A common word in the first sentence among the four predominant paragraphs of The Profession of Faith articulates centuries of what Christians believe and affirms what I believe IN. I believe IN God, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.      Consider this: when we say, 'I believe in…' instead of 'I believe that...,' we're not just expressing a belief, we're making a profound statement. The phrase 'I believe in...' carries a tone of motivation, passion, and inspiration, revealing a clear understanding of our beliefs. But why is this distinction so significant? How does it shape our attitudes and actions? It transforms the believer into a different person, acting differently towards themselves and others. Be Aware!   'Believing in' can truly transform individuals.  Those who have kn