A Beautiful Easter Lily

After Easter Mass at a nearby church, a family walks out with a bouquet of Easter lilies. The little white flowers are beautiful and a delight to see. These flowers remind me how beautiful life is when paying attention to life’s details. 

It also reminds me of the story of Saint Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897), also known as the Little Flower. Her life story offers a humble testimony of being faithful to God while attentive to ordinary life. As a devout Carmelite, she gave Jesus Christ her whole heart and mind while her body suffered greatly from an illness.  Nevertheless, she cultivated a childlike faith.  St. Therese did not fret because she was sick. She sought it as a grace to carry on in life and embrace it. Furthermore, as sick as she was, she had a dry period in her faith as feelings of despair and abandonment overwhelmed her. But God did not abandon her as he does not abandon anyone.  Instead, God graced St. Therese of Lisieux and she prevailed, seeing everything as a gift from God. 

This is the “Little Way” that many Catholics today contemplate. Her example of giving attention to the little things in life while accepting the big tribulations is a good example for every person this Easter Season.

Is there something you want me to pray for?


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