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Learning To Live

Some people say that college leads to a good job, and others affirm that college is the self-discovery of truth in one's life. So, how did I traverse a collegiate path? What did I want to learn? The answers are related to joy and energy. Today, potential college students answer these questions through analytic influences such as job forecasting and economic trends. It is a sure thing to get on the right path, right? Sometimes, graduates later discover that the  status quo has interfered with a good education. Most agree that what brings them joy and energy in the workforce has little to do with job forecasting before college. Instead, the question is, "What brings me joy and energy now?" The practice of reading scripture and contemplating Christendom brings me joy and energy. So, I asked myself one day, "How do I learn more about this?" I sought answers by volunteering at my parish. It would be an excellent way to get some answers. Initially, this was ex