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Learning To Live

Some people say that college leads to a good job and others affirm that college is self-discovery of truth in one's life.  So how did I traverse a collegiate path?  What did I want to learn? The answers are related to joy and energy. Today, potential college students answer these questions through analytic influences such as job forecasting and economic trends.  It is a sure thing to get on the right path, right?  Well, sometimes graduates later discover that the  status quo has interfered with a good education. Most agree that what brings them joy and energy in the workforce has very little to do with job forecasting before college.  Instead, a question to ask is, “what brings me joy and energy now?” The practice of reading scripture and contemplating Christendom brings me joy and energy.  So, I asked myself one day “How do I learn more about this?”  I sought answers by volunteering at my parish. I thought it would be a good way to get some answers.  Initially, this was exc

Believing in...

Recently, while professing the Nicene Creed at Mass I reflected how years of reciting Saint Peter's sermon (Acts 2) has changed my attitude about life.  A common word in the first sentence among the four predominant paragraphs of  The Profession of Faith  articulate centuries of what Christians believe and affirms what I believe  IN .    For example, when I say, “I believe in…” versus "I believe that..." a definitive belief is being claimed. An important clue here is the phrase, " I believe in..." as the tone is motivational, passionate, and inspiring.  As a result, a clear understanding of what is believed is evident. Watch out!  Believing  in  will change people.  For those who have known me a while know my behavior is different than when I was younger. Friends, family, and colleagues have all turned heads.  Complicated?  Na. For me, when I say, “I believe that...” it borders a less meaningful certainty and hints toward a deficiency of confidence.