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From Disciple to Lay Apostle

Is it impossible for Christians to be Lay Apostles? While the transition from disciples of Christ to lay Apostles might seem lofty, it is a calling for all Christians. The Church teaches a lot on the subject using scripture and the Catechism of the Church, but my favorite is the Second Vatican Council's document,  Lumen Gentium .  But what about a simple visual? How would this teaching look in today's world? Check out this short animated video, which describes what it might look like:  This is Discipleship In the comments below, write how you feel about viewing the video. Is this calling hard or easy?

Camping in Faith

For me, a place to worship is as important as that perfect campsite. While driving towards Hot Springs National Park under ominous lighting storms, my family and I found a campsite that provided rest and a whole lot more. The rains receded and the darkness fell to light which made setting up for base camp a lot easier.  After drying off most of our soaked gear, my wife prepared the kitchen for another tasty camping cuisine. In turn, I searched for a place to worship.  For Sunday was right around the corner and we had lots to be thankful for. After a satisfying supper, it was easy to see that our find was a gem!  With its bubbling clear brook and mist permeating from the mountainous hiking trails, Gulpha Gorge Campground was faultless.  Quintessentially, the find of an 1870 church known as Saint Mary of the Springs set in motion our commitment to attend mass Sunday morning. But first, we had to get out and explore!  Connecting with nature is connecting with our Creator, even whe

Uniting With God's Mercy

Mercy is closely related to charity. Jesus' attitude toward people was nothing less than forgiving, healing, and merciful.  His compassionate stance with others always encouraged reconciling with His Father and others.  So how does this translate to my ability to forgive?    Me, I'm grateful that Christ brought me out of the chaos of sin and slavery.  I believe that the sacrament of confession breaks the bond of sinful slavery and releases my soul to be in union with Christ, His Father, and His Church.  Experientially, I'm compelled to take part in forgiveness with the grace of God.  In this, the mercy that Jesus showed other people brings God’s mercy to me.   But God's mercy is for everyone! Forgiven. Now, what am I to do?  Liberated from the bonds of sin, I express this freedom to others. This expression can be shared as an act of charity. The corporal works of mercy are acts of charity and compassion that should be done freely without expectations of recognition.