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Camping Solo

I've always wanted to go solo camping but never mustered the grit to go.  Being alone bothered me. Recently, I had an experience that thrust me into an opportunity and I discovered that being by myself does not mean that I am alone. I was excited that the Outdoor Expo was going to be held this year. The Texas Avid Outdoor Expo is traditionally held in the Hills of Llano County.  Camping in the landscape is alluring and peaceful.  Among the Expo, attendees were liked minded adventurers who built and showcased vehicles that are self-reliant for camping and exploring the world.  This was my GAME!   But a week prior to the event my wife opted out and days later, my son did as well. Not for any important reason, but just to stay home.  I started to second-guess whether to go or to stay with them. Worse, I started making excuses NOT to go such as,  "I have too much work at the office", "the weather was gonna be rainy and stormy", heck, I even said, "I'm gonna