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Common Exploration

I often think that I'm the only person that feels the need to get away.  People are not so different than me. Many seek something greater than we, and while exploring is a way to unwind, this gift is overshadowed by the grind.  This explorer found ground one day and someone who reminded me of why I venture away.  At times I want a break because stepping back from the grind allows me the freedom to explore. Recently, I discovered there are people in the world that are exploring the same path as myself. While camping in the East woods of Texas, a young man, Pablo, from San Antonio road onto a nearby campsite where I pitched a tent.  His means of exploration was simple; an orange breasted Royal Enfield motorcycle. He setup basecamp with nothing more than a ground tent from London, a blue chair, and smokes.  Pablo's journey lead him to this moment. Indeed, we had the same idea; to get off the grind, onto the open road, and journey into the unknown. As the morning dew rose over the