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Men who are fathers

Men who take fatherhood seriously are giving to others.  Now, the concept of "giving "cannot refer to anything.  It indicates that he who gives and they who receive the gift are uniquely cemented for life.  Today, I reflect on my life as a father and the seriousness required to be a father.  As a result, I pray for young fathers, newly embracing their gift; may they find courage and perseverance to balance work, family, and faith in joy and sacrifice.  I pray for fathers around the world whose children are lost or suffering; may they know the gift of God's compassion who walks with them in their sorrow. I pray for men who are not fathers but still mentor and guide children with fatherly love and advice. Finally, I remember all grandfathers and great grandfathers that have reunited with our Lord in heaven.  I hope to be united with all my forefathers one day.