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What Is Church Membership?

As a young adult, I never thought about becoming a church member. After high school, I  thought the church was unmindful, and honestly, romping outside my parent's house was a priority. Attending church was sparse. I showed up late and sometimes left earlier than precepts allowed.  But later in life, I found that full membership in the church is both spiritual and physical.   Being baptized and confirmed in the Church brought me closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ and others.  The actions of baptism and confirmation are physical aspects of church membership that later allow the probability of a spiritual experience.  Both changed my life. I believe that there are a lot of benefits to church membership. Below are my top 7:   Unity. I like belonging to a larger community where I can contribute to keeping the Gospel Message alive. Appreciation.  Christ sacrificed, and serving others in His name is the least I can do. Prayer. At times, I need to talk to God. The church has milli