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Renewed By The Desert

The sun beat down on the dusty hood of my steal horse I ride, kicking up a shimmering haze on the endless ribbon of asphalt. Beside me, my dog, Rusty, a smooth Jack Russlle mutt with ears perked at every sun-shine shadow. Together, we watched the alien landscape unfold.  Our destination was off-road into the Chihuahuan Desert. Our arrival was final, but only after rugged terrain. I opened the door eagerly as if invited by the Creator himself, only to be met with silence as company. However, the silence outside was a symphony to the soul—the whisper of wind across rocky ground and mountains, the distant cry of a lone hawk. Beautiful, yes, but in a stark, unforgiving way. The land stretched out in a tapestry of ochre and terracotta, dotted with gnarled cacti like silent sentinels. Mountains, the color of sunbaked clay, rose on the horizon, their peaks lost in the hazy distance. It was a landscape stripped bare, its beauty raw and exposed. Yet, amidst the barrenness, a strange sense of ho

Does Everyone Have a Charism?

  To the question, "Does everyone have a charism?" First, everyone has a learned trait or talent, and we can define charism as "a spiritual gift (enablement) the Holy Spirit grants Christians to bring God's redeeming love into the world." Or "a supernatural grace God grants people  to lead others to experience the healing power of Jesus' love."                                                                                                                                                    -CCC,799 Second, God's salvific will is universal. It is a testament to the all-encompassing love of God, as defined by the author of 1 John 4:7- 10, in which he states, "God is Love. In addition, " he shows no partiality , rather in every nation whoever fears him and acts uprightly is acceptable to him." We learn this vivid teaching in Acts 10:25-48. We also understand that God's Spirit of love came down on a Gentile, non-Jew, even before h