From Disciple to Lay Apostle

Is it impossible for Christians to be Lay Apostles? While the transition from disciples of Christ to lay Apostles might seem lofty, it is a calling for all Christians.

The Church teaches a lot on the subject using scripture and the Catechism of the Church, but my favorite is the Second Vatican Council's document, Lumen Gentium

But what about a simple visual? How would this teaching look in today's world? Check out this short animated video, which describes what it might look like: This is Discipleship

In the comments below, write how you feel about viewing the video. Is this calling hard or easy?


  1. I feel it is easier to understand the short film than reading a long document. That being said that there are effective ways to communicate between peoples with different levels of understanding or skills. We understand more that we were each given a gift from God to serve one another. Let's pray for all Christians for their great responses to the call of being a Lay Apostle.

  2. Mr. Tommy(Catholic Camper)
    Watching this short video, made me realize what the simple direction that Jesus gave his disciples in Matthew 28:16-20 (Great Commission). Just be yourself and talk to people with God on your mind. Don't make it too complicated or hard. Just help people and if this is done in my way (Tommy Rauner being myself) I will be spreading the word of God and hopefully creating disciples.


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