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A Man's Way of Light

"There is no handbook of life that I can read to help me... no one told me it was going to get confusing!" yells a young man on social media.   His rant received a bajillion views on the Vlog which explains there might be those who agree.  But the young influencer's constant mistakes in life only mean there is a lack of personal trajectory.   I agree, life is confusing.  But there is a book of life and specifically, a letter for men to help curve struggles during life's journey. The following letter is ascribed to Barnabas of Cyprus (56) a co-worker of the Apostle Paul who ministered to the Gentiles during early Christendom.  Today, its message still has purpose and meaning for all men.  The letter has helped me navigate through the darkest moments of my life and offers points for life-efforts and daily destinations.  I share the letter below:    C onsider now the way of light; any man who is bent on reaching his appointed goal must be very careful in all he does. N