A Man's Way of Light

"There is no handbook of life that I can read to help me... no one told me it was going to get confusing!" a young man on social media yells.  

His rant received a bajillion views on the Vlog, which explains that some might agree.  But the young influencer's constant mistakes in life only mean a lack of personal trajectory.   I agree; life is confusing.  But there is a book of life and, specifically, a letter for men to help curve struggles during life's journey.

The following letter is ascribed to Barnabas of Cyprus (56), a co-worker of the Apostle Paul who ministered to the Gentiles during early Christendom.  Today, its message still has purpose and meaning for all men. 

The letter has helped me navigate the darkest moments of my life and offers points for life efforts and daily destinations.  I share the letter below:   

Consider now the way of light; any man bent on reaching his appointed goal must be very careful in all he does. Now these are the directions that have been given to us for this journey: love your creator; reverence your maker; give glory to him who redeemed you when you were dead; be a single-minded but rich and spiritual treasure; avoid those who travel down death's highway; hate whatever is displeasing to God; detest all hypocritical pretense; do not abandon god's commandments. Do not put on airs, but be modest whatever you do; claim no credit for yourself. Plot no evil against your neighbor, and do not give pride an entrance to your heart.

Love your neighbor more than your own life. Do not kill an unborn child through abortion, nor destroy it after birth. Do not refrain from chastising your son or daughter, but bring them up from childhood to respect the Lord. Do not set your heart on what belongs to your neighbor, nor give in to greed. Do not associate with the arrogant, but cultivate humble and virtuous ones.
Accept whatever comes your way as a blessing in the knowledge that nothing ever happens without God's concurrence. Avoid duplicity in thought or words, for deception is a deadly snare.
Share with your neighbor whatever you have, and do not say of anything, this is mine. If you share an imperishable treasure, how much more must you share what is perishable? Do not be hasty in speech. The mouth is a deadly snare. For your soul's good, make every effort to live chastely. Do not hold out your hand for what you can get, only to withdraw it when it comes to giving. Cherish as the apple of your eye anyone who speaks to you of the word of the Lord.

Night and day, you will bear in mind the hour of judgment; every day, you will seek out the company of God's faithful, either by preaching the word, earnestly exhorting them, ever considering how you can save souls by your eloquence, or else by working with your hands to make reparation for your past sins.
Never hesitate to give, and when you do give, never grumble. Then you will know the one who will repay you. Preserve the traditions you have received, adding nothing and taking nothing away. The evil-doer will never be hateful to you. Be fair in your judgments. Never stir up deception. But act as a peacemaker and reconcile the quarrelsome. Confess your sins, and do not begin to pray with a guilty conscience. 

Such then is the way of light.

And for the young influencer, chin up, little buck, set your sights on the higher plains.


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