Common Exploration

Often, I feel like the only person that needs to get away. 

People are not so different than me. Many seek something greater than we, and while exploring is a way to unwind, its overshadowed by the grind.  This explorer found ground one day and someone who reminded me of why I venture away. 

At times I want a break because stepping back from the grind allows me the freedom to explore. Recently, I discovered there are people that explore the same path as myself.

While camping in the east woods of Texas, a young man, Pablo, from San Antonio drove into a nearby campsite where I had pitched a tent.  His means of exploration was simple; an orange breasted Royal Enfield motorcycle. He setup basecamp with nothing more than a ground tent from London, a blue chair, and smokes.  Pablo's journey lead him to this moment. Indeed, he had the same idea; to get off the grind, onto the open road, and explore the unknown.

The next day as the dew rose above the pine trees a new dawn emerged. Before Pablo packed up for the next journey, I solicited a simple conversation about his aim.  I learned that Pablo's journey across the U.S. spoke to my pioneer perspective. His aim is nothing less than mine, but separate in how we prepare. Pablo had a simple plan, making time to go beyond the ride.  Me? Planned and complex, yet both of us search for the next spot.

You see, some people find money, career, and party as a means to explore. Yet others find freedom in open remote areas like the piney woods of Texas. 

Pablo mentions that the "great escape belongs to everyone." Funny, I always thought it refrained among the aging and nostalgic like me. However, with Pablo, I found commonality.  The next generation of explorer!  You know what, he is not much different than me.  

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