What Is Church Membership?

As a young adult, I never thought about becoming a church member. After high school, I  thought the church was unmindful, and honestly, romping outside my parent's house was a priority. Attending church was sparse. I showed up late and sometimes left earlier than precepts allowed.  But later in life, I found that full membership in the church is both spiritual and physical.  

Being baptized and confirmed in the Church brought me closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ and others.  The actions of baptism and confirmation are physical aspects of church membership that later allow the probability of a spiritual experience.  Both changed my life.

I believe that there are a lot of benefits to church membership. Below are my top 7:  

  1. Unity. I like belonging to a larger community where I can contribute to keeping the Gospel Message alive.
  2. Appreciation.  Christ sacrificed, and serving others in His name is the least I can do.
  3. Prayer. At times, I need to talk to God. The church has millions of beautiful prayers to practice. 
  4. Greater than me. The body of Christ is vast, and all members are called to the same house.
  5. Family. Having a family requires leadership. I strive to emulate the Head of the Church.
  6. Identificaiton. I am a Catholic, so service, sacraments, and scripture lead my life.
  7. Holy Communion.  I must receive Jesus in all ways; he is the bread of my life.  
Over the years, I have matured in membership and faith.  I cannot live life invisible, nor do I want to. Coming together with others who seek, praise, and believe in Him is invaluable. 

 "Now you are Christ’s body, and individually parts of it." ~1 Corinthians 12:27


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