New Year 2024

As we gather at the onset of a new year, I'm filled with deep love and appreciation for every one of you. Last year has had its share of adventures, ministry work, and recess. And through it all, I see the Lord's hand in what I do, especially when people close to me show unwavering support.

Whether we prayed together, worked on endeavors for the Church, or enjoyed the great outdoors, each memory is a treasure I hold close.

This year (2024), I promise to continue to be a man of faith, create opportunities for others to experience outdoor life, and engage in "God Talk" with anyone.

A new endeavor for Catholic Camper is ready to be launched with much eagerness and prayer. You can hear more by clicking on: 

Live Podcast

Feeling Thankful

Happy New Year, viewer, reader, listener, friends, and family. May the coming year be filled with joy, blessings, and memories we'll hold dear for years.


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